An Urgent Appeal from the Abbot "Massive Landslides Hit Ancient Tawang Monastery"

Up-Coming Events at Tawang Monastery


Kadam Thiglay Chudrug, a special puja or service was held from 12th to 14th November 2011 for the period of three days at Tawang Monastery. The last day of the puja was marked with fire puja and Tsok offering. 200 monks headed by the Abbot, took part in this religious service. The service started from 4 am in the morning and go on till 4 pm in the evening with brief interval for lunch and tea. It is held every year considering its immense religious importance since this service is related to Lord Avalokeshtevara, the God of Compassion. It was initiated five years ago and since then it has been an important annual ceremonies of Tawang Monastery. Moreover, the devotees gathered at the monastery to accumulate the wealth of Avalokeshtevara Mantra "Om Mani Pedme Hung". 



 The annual Torgya Festival 2011, which is one of the most popular festivals of the region, will be held from 2nd January to 4th January 2011 for the duration of three days at Tawang Monastery. The occasion will be marked with presentation of elaborate monastic dances by monk performers, sporting colourful attires. Monastic dance is one of the main highlights of the festival. The whole region turned into a festive mood. The people from far flung areas flock to Tawang Monastery to enjoy the radiant atmosphere of the festival sporting traditional clothes in their best.


Main Highlights of the Festival on 2nd January 2011

1. Torgya Chham ( Monastic Dances)


Main Highlights of the Festival on 3rd January 2011

2. Tsewang ( Empowerment for life) and Chham ( Monastic Dances)


Main Highlights of the Festival on 4th January 2011

3. Lhamo Tsokhor Chham ( A form of Monastic Dance)