An Urgent Appeal from the Abbot "Massive Landslides Hit Ancient Tawang Monastery"


Tawang Gaden Namgyal Lhatse Monastery which stands majestically on a swell of hillock for hundred of years overlooking Tawang Township and other low lying areas is on the verge of becoming prey to continuous mudslide. Tawang monastery is a part of rich cultural heritage not only of this region but the entire country. It is not only a national property but the priceless property of the entire world.

Landslide near Tawang MonasteryThe torrential rainfall in the summer resulted in the seepage of water into the ground

leading to massive landslide behind the monastery. Due to heavy rainfall, the landslide took place in the month of September 2010 which washed away the entire chunk of landmass just below Tawang Monastery posing great threat to the existence of this historical monument. Again in the following months, there was heavy inundation of downpours which further washed away huge chunk of landmass.

The monks headed by the Abbot, Guru Tulku Rinpoche conducted various rituals and erected stupas at the site to stop the occurrence of landslides but the situation remains as vulnerable as before.

If concrete steps are not taken in time, there is every possibility that continuous rainfall in summer and snowfall in winter will completely wash away the entire land mass behind Tawang monastery resulting in complete damage to the monastery. The dangers lurk on Tawang Monastery which consists of main prayer hall, library, administrative building, monastery school, main kitchen-cum-dining hall, museum and 65 residences accommodating more than 500 monks. All these old structures will suffer huge damage if this trend of landslide continuous to go on for few years at the present rate of speed.

Therefore, we request the Central Government, State Government and concerned Departments to kindly take tangible measures to stop the onslaught of landslide to save Tawang Monastery, the Cultural and Spiritual Heart of Monk region. Moreover, we request various organizations and individuals to disseminate this information for the knowledge of all to form a pressure group to impress upon the government to take the necessary steps to save Tawang Monastery.

If you have any suggestions or feedbacks regarding this, kindly do not hesitate to let us know. We shall be very grateful.


Monk Community

Tawang Monastery

Arunachal Pradesh